National Businesses Furniture Chooses Fabric to Modernize B2B E-Commerce

National Business Furniture (NBF) is implementing suite of cloud-native, headless commerce products to revamp its B2B e-commerce experience and further improve its B2B sales cycle.

NBF has been providing quality furniture at affordable prices to corporate offices, government agencies, healthcare organizations, hospitality groups, and home offices for over 40 years and we’re happy they’ve chosen Fabric as their new commerce platform. Before this, NBF was using a costly legacy platform that required an abundance of engineering resources and internal training.

To start, Fabric will be used to revamp Office Chairs and Office Furniture, both owned by NBF.

B2B Sales Cycles Are Changing

B2B brands have historically depended on high-touch sales cycles that include face-to-face meetings, in-person events, and showings. But these cycles have faced drastic changes amid COVID-19.

Prior to the pandemic, traditional sales interactions took precedence over digital conversations. However, as B2B buyers grow more comfortable shopping for products online, B2B brands like NBF are recognizing the urgency for a strong digital ecosystem to complement and advance their business model.

NBF Is Adapting with Fabric

Although NBF has always differentiated itself with a human, high-touch sales process, the need for a strong digital presence is more imperative than ever.

NBF customers depend on understanding all product details before making a purchase, such as materials and precise measurements for floor planning. Now, its elevated online experience complements and enhances the human element.

Fabric is enabling NBF to do this, bolstering a next-generation customer experience that enables them to seamlessly manage multiple websites and other digital sales channels on one intuitive commerce platform. 

“Now more than ever we need to double down on e-commerce, and Fabric will be an invaluable partner in improving our online footprint to deliver the omnichannel experience we promise our customers.” Marcelo Podesta, President @ NBF

What Makes Fabric Different?

With its API-first and modular commerce platform, Fabric enables B2B brands like NBF to advance their existing technology stack without the engineering burden of replatforming. Our microservices-based architecture and digital services team allows businesses to start using Fabric and modernizing their businesses in just weeks.

“In today’s online-first commerce landscape, B2B brands are similarly facing the heightened expectations as D2C to distinguish their brands online. In order to compete in the age of Amazon, brands like NBF need a commerce platform purpose-built for their specific needs.” Faisal Masud, CEO @ Fabric

To learn more about Fabric and how it’s helping other B2B retailers like MSC and Build Direct digitize and modernize the B2B sales cycle, check out Fabric. You can also read the full press release for our partnerships with NBF here.